(1) Payment

(1.1) Payment for the order will be made in full at the time of the order.

(2) Quality

(2.1) A tolerance of 2 cm will be applied to the pattern measurements that relate to manual measurements.

(2.2) The Bespoke Club México will modify garments free of charge if any of the pattern measurements that relate to manual measurements is
incorrect by more than 2 cm or is not to your liking of the client.

(3) Defects

(3.1) In the unlikely event that a manufacturing error has occurred, The Bespoke Club Mexico will follow our repair, replacement or refund policy as described.

(3.2) We will ask you to return the garment to us for inspection.

(3.3) The Bespoke Club Mexico is not responsible for defects resulting from a customer not following our care instructions.

(4) Weight gain/loss

(4.1) The Bespoke Club México manufactures each garment according to the measurements taken manually by our experts.

(4.2) The Bespoke Club México is not responsible for variations in size due to weight gain or loss.

(5) Order cancellation

(5.1) The customer must check the order form and confirm that all details are correct at the time of purchase.

(5.2) It is understood that once an order has been finalized and confirmed, it cannot be canceled at the beginning of the manufacturing process. In the event that the order consists of several garments, the start of the manufacturing process begins with the first suit.

(5.3) Any cancellation agreement is at the discretion of The Bespoke Club México

(5.4) Any changes must be made to an order within 24 hours of order confirmation. Making a change within 24 hours of placing the order does not guarantee that a change can be made. The Bespoke Club México, when possible, will strive to make the desired changes.

(5.5) The Bespoke Club Mexico also cannot accept returns where the customer requests a change to an existing order and The Bespoke Club Mexico cannot honor that change. In the event of a dispute between the customer and The Bespoke Club Mexico over order details, the details on the original order form are taken to be the final order.

(6) Returns and refunds

(6.1) Since the ordered products are custom-made, they cannot be returned or refunded.

(6.2) In the event that the customer is not satisfied with his product, a replacement of the garments for which he is
not satisfied will be made and will be delivered in the shortest time. possible.

(7) Deliveries

(7.1) All orders must be paid in full before delivery.

(7.2) It is understood that exchange and shipping of orders may vary depending on fabric availability. All turnaround times listed are estimates and The Bespoke Club Mexico will strive to meet as close as possible to the average turnaround time of 4-6 weeks for our fabrics and 6-8 weeks for other things fabrics.

(7.3) The Bespoke Club will not be responsible for delays resulting from situations within the control of the
customer, such as the recipient not being available to accept delivery or provide incorrect delivery data.

(8) Privacy Policy

(8.1)The Bespoke Club takes the confidentiality of personal data very seriously.We limit access to your personal information to employees who we believe reasonably need to come into contact with the information to provide products or services to you or to do their jobs

(8.2) All personal data collected is used in accordance with data protection legislation.

(8.3) By visiting our website, you accept the practices described in this privacy policy.

(8.4) Personal data will be collected and used for marketing, advertising and promotions.

(8.5) Personal data will not be made available to third parties.

(8.6) Cookies are not used on this website. If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy, please send us an email to contacto@thebespokeclub.mx