Number 42 on Isaac Newton Street, in the heart of Polanco, is occupied by this tailoring club that saw its arrival in Mexico just a year ago. At the same time, although he is not one of the most senior tailors, he is one of today's most prominent rising stars.
The Bespoke Club, established in London with a presence in fashion capitals around the world, is one of the few tailors that makes each piece of the brand a masterpiece of art. The experience lived in this club is an extravagant odyssey, with an intimate concept, an elegant craft process and an unparalleled service, designed for that national clientele passionate about custom pieces.

Incorporating the characteristic values ​​of traditional tailoring, with a touch of high-luxury customization, its concept is inspired by the importance of exclusivity, which leads us to its creative process supported by its excellent service. Before starting the adventure, it is essential to mention that the club's showroom is not open to the general public; it is necessary to make an appointment days in advance, and once scheduled, this tailor shop closes exclusively for the client. This is where club members become their own fashion designers, through a unique four-stage experience: creation, fabric selection, measurement and pattern making, and customization.

Unlike any other, this experience begins with creation, where a team of Bespoke image consultants show a variety of fabrics, styles, prints and colors to the client. Then it continues with the selection of fabrics – with a library that covers a wide range of more than 20,000 high quality fabrics that come from around 15 of the best European textile houses –, and the measurement and pattern making, which includes a measurement method where an expert tailor takes exactly 36 measurements, guaranteeing an extraordinary fit, to create an exclusive pattern. Finally, it ends with customization: details (from the shape of the lapels, a secret pocket and initials on the lining, to an eye-catching design), alterations and adjustments, according to the client's tastes and preferences, to ensure the design perfect before final delivery. It is worth mentioning that this tailor shop manufactures tailored garments for any occasion, type of profession and lifestyle.
It came to national soil to move the Mexican public with its welcoming environment, memorable experience and first-rate assistance. The distinguished tailoring club The Bespoke Club is a never-ending story that gives lovers of style, luxury and sophistication a great opportunity to join the family.

(Robb Report, November 2019)

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