Just as we have achieved the perfect suit, made to measure and 100% personalized to the taste of our partners, we now present the ideal complement for our made-to-measure garments, under the same quality standards, individual production, measurements and customization, we introduce to the brand THE INNOVATIVE CONCEPT OF LUXURY FOOTWEAR, EXCLUSIVE, CUSTOMIZED AND 100% PERSONALIZED, just as we do in our garments. That is to say, now THE BESPOKE CLUB transfers its philosophy and unique concept to the creation of 100% custom-made shoes, with unique pattern, exclusive design that satisfies the demanding taste of each member of our club.

The making of handmade shoes at THE BESPOKE CLUB is based on two basic construction methods, which add value, quality, luxury and comfort to our product that allows us to ensure the perfect footwear. The BLAKE WELT construction method, which guarantees comfort, softness and adequate flexibility, by sewing in a single stitch that joins all the upper parts of the shoe with the lower insole of the same.

For the perfect construction of our footwear it is essential that the materials and tanning methods are of the best quality. Our raw materials go through unique and exclusive treatment processes of the brand, achieving the perfect material before the construction of each pair or leather item.

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